Watkins Glen

An introduction...

Let me introduce myself.  I’m a statistician by training, and a jewelry artist and greyhound lover as well.  I’m lucky enough to be able to incorporate the latter two traits in Shannon O’Reilly Designs.  And now I’m excited to start blogging, something that has been on my radar for a LOOOOONG time!  My recent website redesign and upcoming road trip seemed like the perfect storm to bring it all together!!

I’ve been holed up in my jewelry studio furiously getting ready for The Grapehound Wine Tour, also known as Grapehounds New York.  While it will not be my first time vending there, it WILL be the first time we've DRIVEN to the event.  Did I mention that I live in Texas?

So we are about to embark on a good old-fashioned road trip from Texas to the Finger Lakes area of New York.  Extremely happy that the family is joining me for this event; they are wonderful employees, I work them hard! =) They aren't always able to attend the events I vend at, but summer greyhound events work well for us.

If you have never been to a greyhound event, I heartily recommend The Grapehound Wine Tour as a place to start!  It’s a relaxing event, plenty of time to enjoy greyhounds, shopping, music, and of course, wine!!  You can find us this year vending at Pompous Ass Winery July 31st & August 1st, 2015.  Hope to see you there!